Wednesday, August 4, 2010

10:25am Weather Update

I probably don't need to say it. Its HOT! Overnight we didn't get much of a break as temperatures only dropped to the upper 70's and heat indices didn't drop below 80.

At 10am CT, temperatures are ranging from 90 degrees in Cape Girardeau and Poplar Bluff to 95 degrees in Carbondale and Paducah. Factor the humidity in and heat indices are over 100.

This kind of weather can be EXTREMELY dangerous. The city of Chicago had over 700 people killed during the 1995 heat wave.

We were able to get through yesterday without too many problems, but heat waves start to take their toll on the second day, third day, etc. As the heat continues to build and wear on our bodies over days and days that is when the problems start to arise. Please check on your neighbors and relatives and don't be afraid to call local agencies for help.

Last night I mentioned the chance at slightly drier air moving in from the west. The drier air is still over southwest Missouri. With winds turning west/southwest we should begin to see the slightly drier air move in to parts of southeast Missouri. Unfortunately, the wind is going to stay between 3-10 mph. If it were a little faster, it could transport the air a little quicker. The drier air will allow for the humidity to drop and the heat index, or feels like temperature, to drop but it will also allow the air temperature to climb higher than yesterday.

It still appears we will get a break from the excessive heat later this week and for the first half of the weekend. The heat will start to build back in Sunday and could be here through Wednesday. What kind of heat? Right now, it looks like we could be back in the upper 90's to lower 100's. Stay tuned...

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