Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Breaking Out of It

We can say goodbye to the 2010 Heat Wave.

"See ya later. It wasn't that nice of a visit. Please don't come back anytime soon."

A cold front passed through the area early this morning and behind the front much drier air is ushering in from our Canadian friends to the north.

Remember the old commercial "How do you spell relief?" I spell it with L-O-W-E-R--D-E-W--P-O-I-N-T. Our dew point temperatures had been sitting in the 70's and at times lower 80's during the heat wave. As of 10am CT this morning, dew points are in the upper 50's to middle 60's with mid-50's dew points further upstream over northern Missouri and central Illinois.

A taste of fall... In reality, temperatures won't be truly "fall-like" over the next couple of days, but compared to the middle 90's and above, this is going to feel like fall. High temperatures will most likely top out in the lower to middle 80's. Here is a look at forecast high temperatures (in red) and forecast dew point temperatures (in green) from one of the computer forecast models for Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

(If you are new to the blog, read the information from right to left.)

What's your favorite part about the cooler weather? (leave your answer in the comments) For me, it is the cooler nights. I can open up the windows and not need sponges to wipe the water off the walls.

It looks like we are on our way back up to the 90's for the weekend, so make sure you get out and enjoy the cooler weather.

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Anonymous said...

john! I saw it. Thanks for letting us know it was coming and the time. You are the best weather man at KFVS. When it's storming, I'm always glad we I see you.