Saturday, May 30, 2009

Warming Up

As I normally do on Saturday before heading into work, I took quick glance at a couple of the computer models to see what might be coming this week. It looks like it could be warm to start the week!

Below is a look at NOAA's Global forecast model. It is from the 7am (12z) run for Cape Girardeau, Missouri. I plotted temperature (red line) and precipitation (green bars).

Notice the warm-up by the model Monday and Tuesday. Not plotted (but I looked), dew points climb to the upper 60's and maybe 70°. That is when we start to get in to "muggly"* weather.

This model is showing rain returning to the area Tuesday evening and lasting through Thursday morning.

*Before you write me, call me, or email me... Yes I do know that "muggly" or "mugglies" isn't a word in the dictionary. It is a word that is made up. It is a combination of muggy and ugly. Hence, when it gets really hot and humid, I call it muggly.

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