Friday, May 15, 2009

Using Technology to Bring You Closer

I want to thank those of you that "rode" along with me Wednesday while I was storm chasing across southeast Missouri.

If you missed it, here is a peak at what you missed. This is a live report from Heartland News at 5pm on KFVS12 from Wednesday.

I was impressed with the turn out of viewers in the car. I started streaming live to around 11:30am CT Wednesday. I kept the streaming up on the site through 7:00pm. During that time, we streamed out over 19,000 minutes of video. Pretty amazing I think!

I will be doing more storm chasing as we go through the rest of the spring and the rest of the year. With the new technology we have been working on, we can go live to our website,, and go live to the air while out chasing. Hopefully, we will get you closer to the storms so you can see what they look like from the safety of your living room, office, or basement.

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