Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Severe Thunderstorms Possible Overnight

As earlier mentioned, we have a chance of some strong to severe thunderstorms overnight (Tuesday-Wednesday). I woke up this morning and checked the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) website to see what they are thinking.

Here is the Day 1 Outlook (issued at 7am Tuesday) which runs from 6am Tuesday - 6am Wednesday: It appears that the greatest threat for southeast Missouri, southern Illinois, western Kentucky, and northwest Tennessee will be damaging winds. However, the SPC indicates it is not out of the question for an isolated tornado to develop. To read the latest Day 1 Outlook from the SPC, follow this link. Note the probabilities below:

Severe winds (58mph+):


Here is a look at the Day 2 Outlook from the SPC. This runs 6am Wednesday - 6am Thursday. I would not be surprised to see parts of Kentucky upgraded to a "Moderate Risk" later today.

The National Weather Service in Paducah, KY will be holding a teleconference with emergency managers and tv meteorologists today at 12:30pm. (This isn't uncommon.) I'll post a follow-up post with their thoughts after the call.

If you watch us on tv, you will have head us say this before.... "This is a good night to turn on your NOAA Weather Radio before you go to bed." There could be warnings issued overnight.

It is also important to let people, that are still without power, know about the threat for later tonight.

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