Sunday, February 15, 2009

Finding Cheaper Car Rentals

I'm looking forward to a trip to Tamp, Florida in a week and a half. I could use a little R&R!

Finding good priced airline tickets are easy. I found a ticket on American Airlines from St. Louis to Tampa for $205 (including taxes and fees).

The hard part can be finding rental cars without needing to apply to the "$700-billion Staimulus Bill".
The tip I have for finding good prices for car rentals is to visit

I have used Hotwire for car rentals before and have always had good luck.
For example, I used Orbitz (I like for airline/vacation deals) to search for car rentals for Feb. 26 - March 3. The search comes back with prices ranging from $413/week to as much as $514/week for a midsize car through a major car rental company. Using Hotwire, I was able to find a midsize car for $220 (all taxes and fees included).

Be aware that when you use Hotwire to find the cheapest rates for car rentals you do not get to see which company it is through. However, Hotwire tells you that it will be through one of the "major" car companies (Alamo, Avis Budget, Enterprise, or Hertz). As long as it is one of the major companies, it doesn't bother me.

Bottom line... Check out if you are looking for a car rental and want to save some cash!

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