Sunday, November 17, 2013

Storm Reports

At of this writing storms continue to push off to the east through Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky.  I am sure many more storm reports will come in through the night.

As of 7pm Eastern, there have been 77 reports of tornadoes.  296 reports of damaging wind.  40 reports of large hail.

Unfortunately, as now I know of at least four confirmed deaths.  Two in New Minden, Illinois where preliminary survey information puts the tornado at an EF4 with winds at least 166 mph.  There have also been two confirmed deaths in Brookport, Illinois where it appears a tornado passed through the town.

Preliminary information is also coming in from the hard hit town of Washington, Illinois.  Preliminary survey information from the National Weather Service says that at least an EF4 tornado went through the town.  I have seen some reports that have described the town as "leveled with walking wounded".

When looking at the above map, it appears that several of the tornadoes may have been caused by as little as 5 supercell thunderstorms.  One started around the Peoria, Illinois area and tracked northeast through Washington, Illinois and eventually to Chicago's south side.  Another started in Wayne/Stoddard County, Missouri and tracked due east producing tornado reports from Morley, Missouri to Brookport, Illinois and further east in to Kentucky.

National Weather Service survey crews will busy over the coming days to find out what indeed caused the deaths and destruction across much of the Midwest.

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