Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From Summer to Winter... Where's Fall?

Just as the title says, it has been chilly through the Midwest. All indications are that this cold snap is going to continue for the next 108 hours.

Below are the current standing record low high temperatures. (A little confusing I know. It means the coldest high temperatures in the record books for these days.)

October 14: 56° (1986)
October 15: 58° (1977)
October 16: 52° (1966)
October 17: 52° (1976)

Contrast those numbers with forecast high temperatures for the same time period.

October 14: 53° (Actual high temp for today.)
October 15: 53°
October 16: 51°
October 17: 49°

The month of October has been cool compared to "normal".
  • We have only had two days at or above average for the month.
  • The temperature deficit is sitting at 74.1°. That works out to being 5.7° below average per day.
  • Through October 13, the airport has measured 4.28" of precipitation. That is 3.04" above normal for the month.
It should also be noted that if you have any outside vegetation that you are concerned about, pay close attention to Sunday morning. It looks as though we could have our first frost with a forecast low temperature of 35° at the Cape Girardeau airport.

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