Thursday, August 20, 2009

Severe Thunderstorm Watch #720

Did your NWS weather radio fire off tonight and startle you? If it did, that is a good thing. It is letting you know about a new Severe Thunderstorm Watch that has been issued by the Storm Prediction Center.

Severe Thunderstorm Watch #720 is in effect for parts of southeast Missouri and southern Illinois. The watch is in effect until 8am CT Thursday morning.

A cluster of thunderstorms is expected to move east across the state of Missouri overnight. You can see the line of storms located over southwest Missouri in the image below. The radar image was taken at 11:48pm CT Wednesday.

Individual thunderstorms are expected to move slightly north of east at 35 mph. The main threat appears to be damaging wind.


shelly hollis said...

Hey john, thanks for the updates on your blog and through twitter. I am very scared of storms and watch the weather everytime it is on. My radio did go off,however I live in pemiscot county. Is the line moving northeast or do you think it will reach the bootheel as well? Also i have tried many times to send you a direct message from my twitter but have not been able to. Would you mind following me as well so ill know for sure that you get what i am asking? I would appreciate it. I actually have you on my device list because i know that if there is a storm in the heartland you are on your toes with it. Thanks for the devotion to your job and for helping keep so many people safe.

Anonymous said...

hey john, thank you for the updates on the severe weather however, the heartland news live on the desktop has not been updated in the past 6 hours! We had a band of severe weather hit us and it is still showing it in southwest missouri! Please try to correct this error!