Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Possible Early November Storm to Impact Colorado

It is still very early but wanted to give a little heads up about a possible storm coming to Colorado for the first week of November.

Some of the computer models, the European Forecast Agency and Canadian Forecast Agency, are hinting at a storm developing around November 5.  The track of the storm, cold air wrapping up in it and the potential precipitation with it could make for a good snow maker for southern and southeastern Colorado.

I like to backtrack the storm and see where the piece of energy that will help spawn it is located.  As of this afternoon, the piece of energy has moved off the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia and is moving across the northern Pacific Ocean, approximately 4,000 miles from Colorado.

Computer models project it will slowly move across the northern Pacific and move in to the northwest United States over the weekend.

Watch the following video for more discussion on the storm.

It is a little early to be talking about how much snow but if the European model were to pan out, we could be looking at several inches of snow for the I-25 corridor of southern Colorado.  Stay tuned...

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