Monday, June 6, 2011

Winds of Change

I have been offered an exciting opportunity to work for a Fortune 500 company and I have accepted the position. This means I have decided to semi-retire from the television weather business. My last day at KFVS-TV will be Wednesday, June 22.

This decision has been extremely difficult to make and I would be lying if I said I would not miss the television business. I have been involved in television for 22 years and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have been fortunate to work at great place like KFVS-TV. I started my tenure at the CBS affiliate in Cape Girardeau, Missouri October 6, 1999. Who would have thought that a young, 24-year old right out of college would have stayed around for almost 12 years?!

I am also going to miss the weather side of television. I have looked at my meteorology career as just not a job, but as a passion and I hope it has come across that way. I have spent countless hours looking over data, putting together forecasts and presenting the forecast on-air and online. It has been fun. However, diving headfirst in to my career has also meant missing time with family and friends over the last 11+ years and I am looking forward to having “normal” hours.

Now, don’t fret. I am not completely leaving weather. I am going to continue my blog, “New at Dis Hour”, and my website. To access it, you will need to visit I will continue to forecast the weather for southeast Missouri, southern Illinois and western Kentucky, especially when it comes to severe weather and winter storms. I will also be branching out and forecasting for the St. Louis metro area, central Indiana and other parts of the Midwest (including live streaming weather coverage during storms). There will be more announced later.

I am still going to be around on KFVS for a few weeks and who knows, maybe somewhere down the road you will see me on your television on the air telling you how many feet of snow will fall.


Thanks John, I've enjoyed following you and am glad you're keeping your blog!

Will miss your forecasts, but congrats and hope the best for you.

Oh. I so hate to hear that you are leaving. Your forecasts are always the most informative and detailed when severe weather is headed our way and you have been so honest about when we need to be wary and when we need to not worry as much. I will miss that, but congrats on the new opportunity and Good Luck. Glad you will still have the blog for us to check on when severe weather threatens. Thanks for the live blogs you did too from time to time.

Weather Watcher: I will go back to doing more live blogs like I have in the past. With all of the weather we have had lately and my on-air responsibilities, I have had little chance to do the live blog video stream. That will change. :)

Congratulations to you, but you will certainly be missed around here. I will continue to follow your blog and will look for your live blogs when severe weather is around. I wish you all the best in the future.


You have done an excellent job since you joined KFVS. Have enjoyed you through the years & wish you the best of luck in the years to come.Am glad you're keeping your blog. Congratulations.

I am soooo excited that you will still be updating your blog!!!! I understand that you want to see your family and it is time for change but you will be missed..

Hate to hear that you are leaving KFVS. You all are such a great team. Hope this new endeavor is all that you hope it to be. Congrats and good luck!

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Hey John,
Hey it was great watching you on KFVS, reading the blog, and keeping up with you on FB and twitter. You are by far the best television Met I have watched and yes your passion for weather was shown on the air and in other media forms. Hopefully now with this "regular" job you can get out there and do something else you love, and chase a couple storms for fun! Hopefully I'll see ya soon under a big meso! :)

-Aaron Pippin

Congrats John! I heard a few weeks ago about your new job and am so excited for you! Good luck!

Congratulations John! We will certainly miss you. Thank you for all of your hard work. I am glad you are getting the opportunity to follow your dreams. We were lucky to have had you as a member of the Storm Team. Best of luck and once again thanks for all you have done. =)

Mary Ann Randol

:( Happy for you....but I don't like it one bit ;)

I going to miss seeing you on KSVS12,but good luck and God go with you.

Congrats. Enjoyed getting to know you through weather. I hope your new career venture is amazing!

Best of fortunes (no pun intended, well maybe a little) on your new position. I think we all know what is really up at KFVS. That Mike Smythe guy has decided that Wibbs is prettier than you!!! Just kidding to both of you, and yes, Wibbs IS prettier. I`ll be checking out your blog regularly. Thanks for the great work you do.

We will miss you John, God Bless and take, our loss big time!

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