Friday, October 22, 2010

10:30am Weather Update

Brr! It was chilly this morning. I heard the heater kick on a couple of times overnight. I guess that's what I get for leaving a window or two open.

Official morning lows across the KFVS viewing area:
  • Cape Girardeau, Mo - 37
  • Carbondale, Il - 34
  • Paducah, Ky - 36
  • Poplar Bluff, Mo - 42
I am still looking at chances for rain for the weekend. Looking at the latest run of the European model I think if you have outdoor plans for Saturday, you will stay dry. It looks like the rain will be north of the KFVS viewing area and also to the west. If you are going up to St. Louis there could be some showers during the morning to early afternoon, but late afternoon and evening will be dry.

I think we stand the chance of seeing some scattered showers and thunderstorms across the area Sunday. It doesn't look to be an all day rain.

The Storm Prediction Center is keeping their eyes to the south across Arkansas, eastern Oklahoma, and eastern Texas. Here is the Day 3 Outlook for severe weather. This covers 7am Saturday through 7am Sunday.

SPC does mention that there is a chance, albeit small, of strong storms further north in their "See Text" area.

I just took a glance at the push of cold air for later next week I talked more about yesterday. The European model has significantly backed off the cold air intrusion for Friday. It keeps it bottled up along the Canadian border. However, this is the first run of the model that has kept it that far north. We'll have to wait for another run or two to see if this is a trend or just a single flip-flop of the model. Stay tuned...

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