Monday, March 1, 2010

Severe Weather Season

We are about 45 minutes away from the start of a new season. The start of "Meteorological Spring".

In meteorology we have slightly different start and end times for seasons compared to the calendar.

Meteorological Seasons:
  • Spring: March - May
  • Summer: June - August
  • Fall: September - November
  • Winter: December - February
Now that we are getting in to spring we can put all of the snow, ice, and sleet behind us. Right? So lets start to turn our attention to severe weather season. I am sure we aren't too terribly far away from some good thunderstorms rumbling through.

Now I have two questions for you that I want YOU to answer.
  1. When will the first Day 1 Outlook from the Storm Prediction Center include a portion of the KFVS viewing area? (Month/Day)
  2. When will the first watch (severe thunderstorm or tornado watch) be in effect for a portion of the KFVS viewing area? (Month/Day)
Leave your answers in the comment sections for this post.


Tom Welling said...

March 26, will bring our first SPC Day 1 Outlook

April 9, will bring our first severe storm/tornado watch

Smitty said...

March 6th SPC Day 1 Outlook
March 24 severe storm/tornado watch

Mike said...

march 28th for our first sever store and April 2nd for SPC

Anonymous said...

march 27 will bring our first SPC and April 8th will be the first severe storm/tornado watch

Anonymous said...

March 22 for SPC Day 1 Outlook
April 2 for severe storm/tornado

Spencer Peach said...

First SPC day 1 outlook March 10th, next Wednesday, and I cheated a little and looked at the GFS.
First watch, March 18th.

Anonymous said...

I say march 14 first weather watch and march 20 first outlook

Unknown said...

April 2nd is the beginning of our spring severe weather season.

Spencer Peach said...

Okay, where do I get my prize now?