Sunday, March 22, 2009

Plains Starting to Heat Up

Spring has officially sprung and the Plains are starting to wake-up from it's winter hibernation...

We are starting to shift the weather pattern across the central US. Several storms will move across the country and bring with it several chances of severe weather. The first comes Monday for the Central Plains. Below is the Day 2 Outlook from the Storm Prediction Center.

This is the time we start to see things heat up, but it seems to be a little further north than usual for this time of year. Notice how the "Slight Risk" runs all the way up to the North Dakota/South Dakota border. I would "usually" expect to see that in late April or May. It isn't out of the question to see storms that far north. I have spent many days chasing through Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota.

We will have to keep an eye on things for southeast Missouri, southern Illinois, western Kentucky, northeast Arkansas, and northwest Tennessee Tuesday. There could be some left over energy from the Monday storms that could move through. Currently, we are not outlooked by the SPC for Tuesday.

There is another system that caught my attention yesterday when looking at the computer model projections. This will move through the area Friday.

Stay tuned...

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